Letter from the Age of Ecocide 

Director of Photography. Short film by LightPalace Productions 

Orlando International Airport: Immersive Multimedia Experience

For the Orlando International Airport’s new Terminal C, we designed a series of immersive multimedia experiences and installations which explore the knowns and unknowns of greater Central Florida. The project reimagines the passenger experience by offering unexpected moments of magic within the world’s seventh-busiest airport.

- Gentilhomme Studios

Windows on Orlando: MCO's Terminal C 

Camera Assistant and Behind the Scenes stills photographer for 12K resolution large-scale video installations: 

- The Moment Vault: an interactive installation designed as an organic circular structure immersing guests in a 360º immersive world

- Windows on Orlando: a triptych of 32-foot-high screens spanning 114 feet give the illusion of three windows that open up onto mesmerizing scenes celebrating Orlando. 

Filming spanned more than 20 locations throughout Central Florida to showcase the natural beauty surrounding the world's seventh-busiest airport. 


Underwater camera operator for Florida sequence. Produced by Sound Off Films for 215 McCann


Women Veterans Continue Service in National Parks 

Director of Photography for "Weightless". Produced by Sound Off Films for the National Parks Service

America the Beautiful

Camera Assistant and Behind the Scenes stills photographer for the "Waterland" episode of National Geographic's America the Beautiful series now streaming on Disney+

10 weeks in the field filming manatees, bioluminescence, storms throughout the state of Florida

Selected stills from manatee shoot in Crystal River, FL for National Geographic 

Produced by Wildstar Films 

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