Phoebe Fitz is an artist specializing in underwater imagery. Growing up in South Florida, Phoebe developed a deep appreciation for the marine environment that surrounded her childhood. Her career began in natural history film-making alongside her father Tom Fitz, an Emmy-award winning videographer, working on productions for National Geographic, the BBC, Netflix, and PBS, among others. 

Phoebe's current work centers on capturing the human experience underwater, in both surreal natural landscapes as well as pools. Her focus on the female form accentuates the feminine qualities of water, and she utilizes the elements of weightlessness, reflections, and distortion in her scenes to provide a different way of looking at oneself and the world. Phoebe’s images explore our collective relationship with water, and speak to how vital this connection is to our survival.  


RED Komodo 6K + Nauticam underwater housing 

Canon 5DMK3 + Nauticam underwater housing 


PADI Divemaster 

NAUI Rescue Diver / Advanced Open Water 

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